2020 has definitely brought with it multiple lows — different kinds of lows for each of us — because of which it is quite easy, and normal, to fall into a slightly negative mindset. However, I have found that there is a (tried and tested, if I may say so) guaranteed way to pull yourself out of that mindset.

One of my 2020 positives is the added time I have had to myself to reflect on what truly matters (in the higher sense) and the things I should be grateful for. Consciously thinking about this, and reminding myself of it, has been the silver lining on some of the tougher days.

So, what are you grateful for? And how do you go about this process of self-realisation? I’ve mentioned below a couple of things I did that really worked for me — so, why not give it a try!

a) Make yourself a playlist on Spotify (or which ever platform you use), filled with songs that bring back happy memories, a natural mood uplifter. Make it a point to use this playlist as a go-to during those messier days. Added effect if this playlist serves as your morning alarm!

b) Go crazy with sticky notes — write yourself small one-liner reminders/ notes and stick them on your bedroom/ bathroom mirrors. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you will be forced to also look at these notes that are bound to be a mood-changer when you need it.

c) Drop a note to your closest family members/ friends with a message describing what they mean to you, and the positive impact they have had on your life. Not only will this make you feel grateful, but you will also, for sure, bring a big smile to the face of the recipient.

d) Buy yourself a beautiful notebook, and at the end of each day, write in it a couple of things that you’re grateful for, in that moment. Start with one thing, and in a couple of days, you’ll find yourself writing essays, trust me! That will force you to remember all of the good things in your life right now, despite the lows.

Most importantly, in all of this, don’t forget the main star of the show — you. One other key uplifting factor, is realising how far you’ve come, and how resilient you have been through all the highs and lows, and again, consciously reminding yourself of it. So, be grateful to yourself, for yourself. I urge you to look at yourself in the mirror today, and say, ‘I’m proud of you!’.

Sending love & light to all!

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